Creating designs
with you in mind.

We understand that you want creations that are unique and exclusive to your brand and we aim to provide you with just that. You have the power to choose the kind of service that fits your budget and your brand and with the information that you provide we will make sure to give you the most realistic quote.

Our services are mapped out for you in a standard timeline that we use for all our clients and ensures that we can work efficiently to provide you with the best results.


Website Design & Development

Being present on the internet is necessity for any business looking to thrive in this modern day. Although the use of social media accounts as a business and marketing tool have become increasingly popular lately, it doesn’t offer the same freedom of a personalized website.

We want you to be able to have control over the way in which your business is conveyed and promote your products and services seamlessly, at the same time giving your clients, customers, or readers a ‘home’ to go to whenever they require your services or information about your brand.

At Creare Concepts we love to work with you on a personalized design and unlike most DIY web developing sites we are not offering you cheap duplicated templates.


Responsive Websites

User friendly websites that are easy to navigate on both desktops and mobile devices and designed with the user in mind.


Custom Design

Creare simply means ‘Create’ or ‘Creativity’, we put our heart and skills into our designs. So it would be a miracle if you found another website that looks just like yours. We do not use templates!



Search Engine Optimization promotes the internet search visibility of your website. Simply put this neat feature allows your website to be easily found online.


Technical Maintenance

Once your website is up and running we give you the option of keeping our team of developers on for website maintenance and technical support services.


Product Display

This feature is a necessity if you want to sell your products. Our team of developers will build a simple online shop system for you to easily display and sell your products.


Image Optimization

For any Ecommerce website there is a need for speed and our developers are skilled in optimizing the high quality images that you provide us of your products to ensure that they load quickly. This in turn improves the user experience for your customers.


CMS (Admin)

Our Content Management System gives you the ability to update the content on your website quickly and efficiently. Giving you control over what is most important. (Also a feature for Ecommerce sites)


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

To ensure that the data/information passed between your web server and the browsers that those visiting your sites may use remains private and integral, add this feature for standard security. Our team of developers will establish and encrypted link between your web server to the browser. This feature is important if your website will be handling person/sensitive information. (Also a feature for Ecommerce sites)


Email Trafficking

Want to stay in contact with your visitors? Our team will build you a system that allows your customers to subscribe to updates and news letters from your company via email. Promote your products and sales or simply remind them of your ongoing services. Either way it is a great way to maintain a business and client relationship.


Web Analytics

Our team of web developers are well versed in the latest updates when it comes to algorithms and Google Analytics. Choosing this feature will mean you will be able see and track how many people are visiting your website, where they are from and what interests them the most on your site.


Payment System Integration

PSI integrates payment systems that support Master Cards, Mobile Money payments and Visa cards with your online store.



Graphic design for any business is a way to communicate and convey ideas and concepts, especially when it comes to branding. Our team of graphic designers will work with you on doing just that! Creating lasting impressions with prospective clients and existing ones too.



The face of a brand.

If people forget your name, they will certainly not forget your face. At Creare Concepts we want to make sure your face stands out from the crowd and can be easily spotted and recognized. Whether it be text or imagery or even a combination of the two, you can trust our team to help you create the perfect face for your brand.


Business Cards

The handshake of a brand.

A good handshake can pave the way for strong business relationships, and with a powerful and professionally designed business card. Although many people are using technology to store contact information, stats show that business cards are still a very effective networking tool. Our team of graphic designers have been trained to understand the concept of business brand and interpret it through graphic design.



The uniform of a brand.

Keep the presentation of your business neat and uniformed in all areas. This includes receipts, official letters and such, with a professionally designed letter head you create an authenticity for your brand.


Flyers & Leaflets

The promotional tool of a brand.

Flyers and leaflets are popular advertisement tools that continue to maintain their effectiveness. They can quickly be designed, printed and handed out at any location, inserted into magazines and newspapers, or even dropped in post boxes. When designing a flyer, we strive to incorporate your needs and wants into the design the best way we can so as to ensure that your business attracts attention and builds interest within your target audience.